About David

Artist David M. Kessler


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"Through the process of abstraction I create paintings utilizing spontaneity as a conduit for creativity."

David M. Kessler is a contemporary painter and workshop instructor whose painting journey began in 1991. His paintings are marked by bright colors, bold compositions, dynamic movement and expressive brushwork.

These bold, dynamic paintings have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions and are housed in corporate and institutional collections in North Carolina and private collections throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe.

Artist Statement

Structure vs. Spontaneity

"The interplay of structure and spontaneity and the delightful contrast they produce informs my current body of work. As an artist I understand that a painting needs structure created by utilizing the design elements of line, shape, color, value and texture to form the framework that supports the painting. Structure alone however, does not create the delight in the work and for that I look to spontaneity. While structure is constrained and premeditated, spontaneity is unconstrained and unpremeditated, providing the perfect contrast."

"To create these lively abstract compositions I approach the canvas with an open mind and no pre-conceived ideas of what will develop. Armed only with the design elements of line, shape, color, value, and texture to create the underlying structure of the work, I apply paint quickly with intuition and spontaneity. Splashes of color and expressively charged brushstrokes are the result of responding to the energy of the moment. The thrill of exploration and risk taking awakens the senses so that as the work speaks I can respond with all of my focus following the painting where it leads. The energy, joy and vitality expended during the creation of the work are evidenced in the completed pieces and are transferred vicariously to the heart of the viewer, thus forging a bond between art, observer and artist."



J. Sinclair Photography